EcoFLOW DELTA Max Power Station, 2016Wh

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Rendi hind: 150.00 EUR/päev + KM 20%

Eco Flow Delta Max Power Station (2016Wh) 150 eur + km
Eco Flow Delta Max Power Station + 1 Extra battery (4032Wh) 200 eur + km
Eco Flow Delta Max Power Station + 2 Extra battery (6048Wh) 250 eur + km

The Ecoflow Delta Max Power Station - EU version is a unique power station with a capacity of 2016Wh, which offers the possibility to expand the capacity to a total of 6 kWh. Virtually any device up to 2400W can be powered. This makes the power station suitable for charging not only smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, lighting, TVs and small refrigerators, but also equipment with a higher power.

Think of camping kettles, coffee machines and water pumps.

The Ecoflow Delta Max Power Station has an integrated 2016 Wh Lithium-Ion battery. If the capacity is not sufficient, the capacity can be tripled to 6048 Wh. This is possible with the extra Delta Max battery from Ecoflow. This way your devices can be supplied with power for even longer.
Thanks to the X-Stream technology, the Delta Max can be charged from 0 - 80% within 65 minutes. This allows the charging time to be limited to 2 hours. In addition, the power station also has an advanced solar input of 800 W / 11 V - 100 V. If you also use the mains adapter, you can charge the Delta Max with 2600W. In this way, the charging process is maximized.
Via the Ecoflow app you can see the following details: the information about the status of the charging station, the control panel and charging options. The Delta Max has a WiFi function, whereby the Delta Max can easily be controlled remotely via the WiFi router.
The Delta Max's Battery Management System is designed to monitor individual cells several times per minute. As a result, the capacity is used as well as possible, the battery is protected against overcharging and you benefit from a longer life.


• Brand: EcoFlow
• Size: 49.7 x 24.2 x 30.5 cm
• Weight: 22.0 kg
• Material: Plastic
• Battery type: Lithium-Ion (800+ life cycles = - 20% battery capacity)
• Battery capacity in Wh: 2016 Wh
• Output USB: 2 x USB-A; 2 x Fast Charge USB Port; 2 x USB-C Port: 100W
• Output DC: 12 V Car Port; 2 x DC5521 Output: 12.6V DC, 3A
• Output 220 V: 4 x AC 230 V (EU Schuko); total max. 2400 W continuous load; total max. 5000 W peak load
• Input DC: - Wall Charger port 1800 W; Universal Solar Charging (MC4) port 800 W / 11-100 V; Car Charger 12V/24V DC 8A max
• Waterproof: Water Resistant Cover (IP54)
• Overcharge protection: Yes
• Charge indicator: Yes
• Operating temperature: 0 - 45 C
• Recharge time via AC: 1,5 hours
• Wifi function: Yes

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