Handheld Megaphone Monacor TM-27
Rendi hind: 12.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
Handheld Megaphone Monacor TM-27
Vonyx ruupor 65W salvestusega USB/SD Li-Ion akuga
Rendi hind: 16.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
Powerful megaphone with USB port and SD slot, lithium battery, MP3 control panel, built-in 65W amplifier and detachable anti-feedback microphone with coiled lead. Siren function, volume control and adjustable shoulder strap. Distance 1.0 - 1.2km depending on operating conditions.
Vonyx ST-010 speaker with microphone
Rendi hind: 25.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
Light and compact amplifier including a wireless microphone. Can be used via power supply or the rechargeable built-in battery. It can be placed on a flat surface, shoulder strapped and hand carried because it is a leightweight product. Suitable for in and outdoor applications such as teaching, conference, sales promotion, tour guide etc, everywhere you need to raise your voice. Options include a bodypack transmitter and headset microphone.

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