Tripod screen Projecta Professional 213cm*213cm

VIDEO Tripod screen Projecta Professional 213cm*213cm Video #1

Rent price: 35.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Projecta supplies an extensive series of portable projector screens that are extremely easy to set up. Projectors are becoming more and more manageable and lighter. Combining a projector with these features with a portable projector screen makes it possible to project at any desired location. Examples of this would be applications within the rental industry, during events, in the audiovisual sector, at conference centres and in education.
Tripod screens -The best known portable projector screens are the tripod projector screens. Tripod screens are renowned for their stability and durability during long-term


  • The Professional has a stable tripod made from square tubing.
  • Special transport lock shields the screen fabric from damage.
  • Easy-to-operate handle for adjusting height and aspect ratios.
  • Aspect ratio - 1:1
  • Screen size (h x b) - 213cm x213cm
  • Viewing size (h x b) – 207cm x 207cm
  • Diagonal - 293 cm
  • Projection Surface: Matte White
  • Case color  - Black

Weight: 13 kg

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